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Apartment Woes

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The bugs have become such a problem I've been suspended from work for a week. And the landlord is giving me shit about the amount of possessions. I've had to resort to extreme chemical treatment for the bugs.

A solid week of no work is so boring. All I can do is faff around the apartment. And I'm not even getting paid. That isn't even the worst part. My boss decided to explain why I was being suspended in front of the rest of the staff, so everyone knows about my bedbugs.


I'll think of something.
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  1. Maxx's Avatar
    As if the bugs themselves weren't bad enough....
  2. OmiOMy's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx
    As if the bugs themselves weren't bad enough....
    I know, right? It's one thing on top of the other over here. I've been taking the perimeter approach to the cleaning when I have the energy and the executive functioning. I'm probably going to have to get paperwork from my doctor explaining my disabilities.
  3. Yooda's Avatar
    My former flea problem was quite the lesson for me. I learned that the chemicals sold at most places like Home Depot were not strong enough to do the job (after a few lost battles.) Ultimately I spent hours on Youtube getting advice from professional exterminators, and then buying professional strength chemicals online from:

    complete with gloves and respirator.

    As I recall, by the time it was all said and done, I spent something like $400. At the time, I didn't want to tangle with my landlord regarding the problem, so I did it myself. The whole experience came close to me having to move out, it got so bad. It was a painful and time consuming process, but ultimately it worked. My poor cat used to have to run through the house from safe-spot to safe-spot. What an ordeal that was.

    Once I used the professional-strength stuff, within a month or two, they were all gone. The professional stuff interrupted their reproduction cycle. As I recall during that time of my "Do-It-Yourself Exterminator Self-Schooling" bedbugs might have to be heat-treated by turning up your thermostat to 120 for two days, or something like that. The very best of luck to you on your "Bedbug Oddessey!"
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