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ABDL and if it comes to it

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So you probably all know the story now of that little incident when I put diapers on and used them in a public lavatory for the first time. Tabbing it up backwards and thought screw it we are using it anyway! You know after my second changing I dubbled the diapers to save time since it was a pack of 10 and I wanted to use them all in one day. You know that I changed in the core public toilets and Trinity shopping centre public toilets. You know the last public toilet that I changed in freaked me the living daylights out of me with a kid smelling out my dirty diaper while I was in the cubical and saying to the adult "Your not ment to do that!" and kept repeating himself to the adult. Finally you know I messed up texting my mummy thinking she was a ABDL on FaceBook on the lines of: "I found diapers more thrilling as a teen."

Since people are in an argument on this UK law Once my family knew they was discusted expecially my Grandmar.
The family did not bother telling me why they were disgusted but hay, that is my family. Grandma had to explain to me why they were. She said perhaps going to church every Sunday like I already do. Now I can not really bash god or Christians sinc I am one Remeber my family he without sin cast the first stone! Gramar saying she is sure it is a since dose not change the fact that you all have sinned in the house. Yes I may not know what you have done but you all sinned. Like Jesus said the the Pharisis you may have followed the law but your hearts are wicked basically inpure thoughts that we have all done. That is a sin!

Later on yetas my Mother seems to have forgiven me so has Richard and Grandma. You see I thought at the time that the law only was for 2 people going into a toilet not one! To carry on because of the anti depressons my mother thought that might be making me behave the way I did. I do not know wheather it would have done or not but the pills made me less anxious and I do not even relize the effect. These are pascribed low dose anti depressence!Along with a few other stuff for a example not rushing my suport worker when a nearby car is coming is one of them.

So a few weeks back I was with my suport worker and my mother said "If he dose anything like that again he will be out of this house" Or on the streets or something...

So hold up, hold up your telling me if I decided to do that again you would kick me out on the streets. Gosh what a carering family you are!

So I ask this. If it comes to it I would like to live with one of you ABDL's PM me if you are intrested. I live in the UK, Leeds. Hopefully it may not come to that but if it dose. It would be nice too know that I have somewhere to go reather then the Streets.

Thanks. This will be a good help incase my family kick me out even if it is such events like using a diaper at my friends house bathroom which they are alright with or anyother things that they may kick me out. I hope this dose not paint my family in a nagative light they are nice remember though somethings like this seem a bit extream.

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