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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#393

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At 11:00 AM Friday morning I have to get up and get cleaned up and dressed for going out in the afternoon to my Yearly Urology Checkup.
Yes, the male body parts.
I will receive my this year's PSA blood test result.
Sigh...Also have my "Prostate Gland Exam".
Plus a Bladder Capacity Ultrasound.
All men age 50 and older have to have a yearly PSA Blood Test and Prostate Gland Exam to screen for "Cancer".
My very elderly cousin Jeannette's husband, Paul finally succumbed to Prostate Cancer 2 months ago right before Christmas and passed-away.
Not much else to report.
As usual I am spending time quietly playing with children's toys before bedtime while watching BBC Science documentaries.


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