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Oh Me Oh My! OmiOMy's Rambles

Frenetic thoughts

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I spent the evening looking for a piece of paperwork that I could have sworn was in my purse. I did not find it in my purse. I'll have to see if I just dreamed I picked it up or something.

I might be able to get my rent dropped again. I can't afford what they jacked it up to right now.

The only relief I get is in… my diapers.

I mean, there are worse things — I could have gotten hooked on alcohol or hard drugs or started abusing prescription medications. Looking at it from this perspective, I'm adjusted just fine.

I've still got the bug issue — damned landlords. But I can manage that.

I'm so tired lately. I think my bipolar is on the trough side.

Might as well sleep. It is late.
Tags: diary

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