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So, I got orphaned BUT it's all going well!

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In my last blog, ages ago, I talked about how I ended up getting adopted and by George that felt great!

Unfortunately, it made my fiancee feel really sad and that was no good; and then Mommy moved a thousand miles or so away and that was that. Sad times.

Fiancee was sad a lot 'cos she felt like she was second best; I was sad a lot 'cos I felt unwelcomed and abandoned.

Then a funny thing started to happen. Fiancee and I had a big, giant fight and she asked me to move out - I did not move out. Then she asked me what it was I wanted from her to make me love her; mind you, I already love her and will always love her but I sent her a list of things I want from life. Poured my heart and soul right out there. When I did that, it was like something clicked. It's like she understands how much she means to me now and lately she's really started accepting my 'little' side. Like, she helped me get diapered recently for the first time... and she cradled me on the couch just last night, with tickles and comments about how she loves her 'little boy.'

Shoot, she gave me an early valentine's gift - a huge gift card to build-a-bear and declared that we're gonna go there on a date, and she's gonna help me build it, and she told me I can snuggle it and think of her when she has to work at night.

This has been a really tough couple of years, guys, but I'm so happy I opened up to her because love really does win out over all...

Now I just have to figure out how I can make her feel loved like this, too.

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