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Rough Week at School

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Despite only having two assignments to complete, both of them challenged me beyond my limits.
My mother wants me to behave like Churchill did in the Movie "Darkest Hour," however I must decline.
I did manage to be little once this week, but it is unlikely that I'll be able to do it again.
I am unsure of myself in this time of need.
I still am unsuccessful in my hunt for jobs.
Am I not worthy enough to have one, despite my exemplary resume?
Am I not worthy even to live peacefully without being bothered by the world that takes my freedom away.

The shackles of Adulting takes my wrists and legs.
Strapping me down to what my duty is.
They would tell me to say "to hell with happiness," "to hell with time to relieve my stress.."
Still I must decline.
Despite my force of will, will I be able to hold out another one and a half years of this excruciating pain.
The pain of my struggle to get one piece of paper that holds my future in the balance.
Is more than I can bear, despite sinking three years into this.
I would rather be taken care of than face another year of this.
But my parents urge me to press on.

Will I ever find peace?
Will I ever find myself again?
I cannot easily forget their methods.
I cannot forgive their methods either.
So I cannot even regress myself.
Until the cock crows on the last day of my 4 years at this sham of a university.
Will I ever find the fulfillment and love I need so that I can trust again.
Only time will tell and only I can find it.


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    In addition, my University has blocked the website so I have to use Tor to access it. What an Absolute Pain! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.