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Troublesome day

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Laundry day started with a treat: a trip to Barnes and Noble for two books and three tarot decks. The discovery of bedbugs in the topsheet meant laundry, however, so I padded up and went to the laundromat.

There was some... Accident action there. Luckily I thought ahead.

When I got home, it got worse. It was as if I'd had alcohol. There was an urge, then nothing, then urgency again. If I made a move to the bathroom I leaked. It was easier to just use my diaper for its intended purpose. That two hours ago, and both my accident mat and my diaper are soaked this diaper has been overextended by about three wettings from a rapidly filling bladder.

On the upside, I felt SOMETHING clear up during all this wetting. A stabbing pain in my bladder cleared up rather abruptly.

I'd better wash up and get into a dry diaper. I don't know how long it'll STAY dry but right now I'm soaked and it's been like an hour and a half.

....seriously though that pain being gone, oh my God.
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