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New to diapers?

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Hi, I am a 24/7 diaper user and have learnt through experience how to find the right diaper for the right occasion. Not all diapers are the same; some are for light use and others for heavy use. As I also work for a living; and not in some office either, I wear a pull up style of diaper with a diaper cover. Why a diaper cover? We all have bad days where your diaper gets more than average usage and this can cause leakage. A diaper cover helps to hide any leakage and thus any embarrassment associated with that. I also wear shirts out of my pants and not tucked in so as not to bring attention to any bulges that might be visible. At night I wear a heavy absorbancy diaper with again a diaper cover; preferably a clear plastic so I can see my diaper and of course hear it crinkle as I move in bed; don't you love that sound?

As for clothing, I have many onsies but not ABDL (except for one I bought on a whim for bed). They are mostly for use at work or when going out to help keep the diaper from sagging, although the diaper cover usually helps to keep the diaper up even when full. I have a full length onsie which is zipped up the back to stop patients from removing their clothes and diaper but I use a mobile phone cord attached to the zipper and a coat hanger to remove the onsie or put it on and zip it up. I also have another short leg onsie with the same style of zip. They are good with jeans as well as work pants and work gear. I also have several body suits from and these are much tighter in the body and compress the diaper so it does not show as much under clothing. They make several styles of body suit for men including a polo shirt; I love the polo shirt when going out casual.

Those of you who are new to wearing a diaper should not be scared to wear your diaper in public. Most people will never notice if you wear your clothes loose and shirts out to cover the top of your pants. If someone does notice and they don't actually know you, then they will assume you are disabled in some way and ignore it. The one no no in diaper wearing is to over do it. Don't wear a double diaper under your clothes at the shopping mall; others will definitely notice you and you will become one of those people they photograph at Walmart. Have you ever used a disabled toilet to do a diaper change? Why not? That is what disabled toilets are designed for. There are facilities for the used diaper to be disposed of and room for you to make that change rather than try and use a normal toilet. Are you disabled? Regardless of whether you choose to wear a diaper for your own enjoyment or a special need, you are as disabled as any other person when it comes to changing your diaper when out in public. I always use disabled toilets to change my diaper when out so try it and make it your normal routine.


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    Excellent advice you've given here. I am not 24-7, but I wear enough that I should keep a lot of this in mind.

    I worry often about being noticed when I wear outside, but I wear outside because I don't always know if I'll be able to find a bathroom in time it is incredibly difficult for me to find them fast enough on a good day, and before I always had to rely on doubled up clothing and pads, which didn't always do the job.

    I've been wondering how the sizing on onesies works. Is it like buying a shirt?

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