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Little Space Troubles (Light TMI)

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Just a short blogging before bed here.

Let me a recap a little bit. A few months back, I made a blog detailing a time I was in Little Space. Now usually, I am aroused while in this headspace, but there are incredibly rare times where I'm in Little Space without arousal, and the pure feeling of just being a baby and doing babyish things just because it feels right was something truly special.

Now, Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, I tried so hard to just embrace this truly special feeling, but I just couldn't stop feeling my urges overtake me, then ended up giving in to pleasuring myself. Which, as we all know, usually kicks us back into adult mode. Not that it's a real shame anyway; I did have a wonderful day home alone in my own little world.

Wednesday night into Thursday morning, however: I went to bed padded and in a footed sleeper, fully ready to give into my deed, but I ended up succumbing to a peaceful sleep before that happened. I woke up Thursday morning in the pure Little Space I was trying to achieve the day before, but I had plans that needed to be started right away and couldn't stay in Little Space... But I didn't want to leave. I really didn't want to leave. For a whole 40 minutes after I woke up, I just lay curled up in bed gripping my plush Popplio tight. I never before felt such defiance into entering adult mode; I had to resort to wanking to get me out of it, but even that proved very difficult, as I wasn't just feeling any kind of arousal at all.

Not so very eloquently put, I eventually had to just force it out. So yeah, this was a pretty bad morning for me.

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