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Lazy Day Musings.

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It's a lazy night in.

I'm playing Pokemon Ultra Moon, relaxing in the unusually comforting darkness of my apartment. The TV provides white noise enough to cover the jerk neighbor's radio. My own Bluetooth speaker plays a Robin Guthrie/Harold Budd composition on loop — A Minute, A Day, No More.

My diaper is... not properly dry. OK fine, I'm wet. I've been having problems on both sides of the spectrum today. Either it's been impossible to pee, or I leak. Right now, the name of the game is bladder spasms. They come and go, and I try not to hurl curses at the walls, because the neighbor who isn't an ass is trying to wind down. The spasms aren't a new thing — I've been having them for months. I even brought them up with my doctor. He dismissed them. They will come up at the next physical.

It's a nice night in, all things considered. Work wasn't bad, I'm feeling better about myself than I have in a long time, and, to be completely honest, I really don't mind having a wet diaper right now. I feel comforted by it right now, if I'm being honest with myself. Yes, I'll have another piece of washing to do, but... I'm wrapped in soft warm.

It's funny. If you had told me this time last year that the most comfortable nights I'd have would be spent slightly stoned, listening to ambient music, playing Pokemon in a wet diaper, I would have called you (censored)-ing nuts and told you to get out of my house. But that's exactly what's going on tonight, and I have to admit, it's great.

At some point I'm going to need to prep a washtub and a fresh diaper. It'll probably be when the spasms stop, so I don't douse the floor mid-change (it has happened). Until then, it's ambient, Pokemon, and a slowly growing wetter diaper. Part of the problem with having to wait for after work to hydrate...

Well, it could be worse.
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