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Vivid Experiences

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So this is a post I made to a forum about first experiences and I just though, why not this is important enough to make a blog post. Anyway, here ya go

The first real instance that I remember vividly was when I was 6-7ish. I had to wear pull-ups for nighttime wetting, still do though if you've seen my recent blog post then you know why i'm bare-butted right now, but non the less I had just woken up on a saturday. I was alone in my room and I just felt the urge to plop it on my head...... When I did the smell was intoxicating and I felt so naughty, yet it felt so good. The second incident was when, you guessed it, my hormones kicked in. Around 7th grade don't know why, but one day I put on a pull-up covered it up with some jeans and just walked out to the living room(with my parents watching TV and whatnot) and went back to my room. Felt so turned on by it, unfortunately that was one of my last pull-up experiences for a long time because my mom started to get me treated with medicine. Thinking back I had a pretty close connection to my pull-ups, I wouldn't want to take them off, I would just stay in them as long as I could and I guess you could say that's what really started it.

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