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An Older ABDL Making the Best of It (1)

Theories About Why We Are ABDLís (blog post #3)

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I've been an ABDL since I was 13, and I am now 61 years old. As with nearly all of us, initially I fought my desires for diapers, trying to suppress them, but ultimately I realized that this was beyond my ability. Now, nearly 50 years on, I'm trying to make a little more sense of it all, if that is even possible.

As I look back over my life now, perhaps I begin to see a little bit of the purpose of this irrational tendency in my life. I can see that I have often been brash, judgmental, and demanding towards others to an excess. I theorize that perhaps on some deep subconscious level I once accepted this irrational ABDL tendency in order to try to help keep this overly-brash part of myself "in check," at least for this lifetime (if you believe in that sort of stuff.)

As Shakespeare once explained, ďAll of the worldís a stage and (we are merely players on it).Ē I theorize that when our ďgreat playĒ was written, perhaps the various internal psychological make ups of all of the various character roles were also carefully considered. Those who might seem to have certain disadvantages written into their roles may have had these things placed there for reasons which would only become apparent at the end of the ďplay,Ē who knows?

That is the only theory that I can come up with that seems to make any sense of this. I'm wondering if anyone else might have any other theories about why we might be playing the parts of ABDLís?

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  1. KimbaWolfNagihiko's Avatar
    Every single AB/DL has found this path for a different reason. Some know the reason for sure, some have theories, some don't have a clue (and don't really care). It's something I personally have spent a great deal of time thinking about, theorizing about, writing about, talking to my therapist about. I believe it's a very complex and complicated situation for myself, but in summary it seems to be an effort to fulfill inner needs. That's probably wear most AB/DL's can find some common ground - we do what we do to satisfy some mental need.
  2. Yooda's Avatar
    I agree, this is about fulfilling "inner needs." In my own case, my inner world is still a very mysterious place for me, even after having spent 61 years on this "rock." What is most interesting to me is how this "inner world" seems to have the power to affect me so greatly in ways that seem to defy my puny human logic. All of us feel this unusual attraction toward something that makes no sense at all, yet we all find ourselves overpowered by it, whatever it is.

    I would guess that probably most of the people here would agree with you that our ABDL tendencies have something to do with "fulfilling an inner need." Now if only I could be in better communication with my "inner world" maybe I'd be able to understand my ABDL side better. But wearing diapers in and of itself, doesn't seem to me to be the best way to get in touch with that "inner world." In my case I feel I still have much more "inner work" to do. The ABDL part of me is OK, but it isn't who I am at my very core.

    I still wish I could just sleep normally, and carry on normally, and like this ABDL part of me is somehow more of a distraction than any kind of a positive part of my life.
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