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BDD and me

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BDD is an insidious thing. Distorted reflections, screwy visuals, voices in my head insisting that the one piece of toast a day that was my diet last week was the right way to eat what are you even doing with that SUGARY APPLE, YOU FATTIE.

Eating supper was difficult. Half of it was screaming "shut up" at voices.

This is my life.

This is why I don't own full length mirrors.

The week I was sick, I lost enough weight that my supervisor noticed. She was... Appreciative. Thought that it looked good.

I felt like literal hell. Clothing that was skintight a week before was falling off my body. And pain overrode hunger daily. Now that I'm recovering, it's like I can't eat enough.

I'm tired. So tired. And the voice calls me fat and disgusting.
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