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Not the same!

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I keep seeing people compare being ABDL with being LGBT.

I want to tell them "No. Stop."

I don't recall people being executed for being AB or DL.

Laws were never in the books criminalizing their every action.

Being ABDL was never cause for a mobs coming after them to lynch them.

Being ABDL never resulted in systemic discrimination.

Being ABDL never resulted in taking away basic human rights.

Don't equate being ABDL to being LGBT.
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  1. Trevor's Avatar
    Things can be compared without being the same. It's a touchy subject and rightfully so but I don't think all comparisons are invalid. The things you describe aren't relevant to ABDLs but not because everyone loves us. It's because we are able to fly under the radar the vast majority of the time (which I understand is a big part of the point). However, being able to hide something successfully is not the same thing as acceptance. If we had tried doing our business in public in numbers, I think we'd have seen historical persecution on a broader scale than LGBTs have.

    I don't see my status as an ABDL as equivalent in its social impact to a sexual orientation but they are similar in the sense that society has encouraged us to keep these deviances (statistically speaking, no judgment in the word) from the norm hidden away. My life and relationships would be easier to casually explain if it were socially acceptable to say that being an ABDL can lead to intimate friendships.

    Lastly, I think we should be careful thinking our experience is universal in any sense. I'm a sexually motivated ABDL. In a significant sense, it's only being an ABDL (or perhaps more broadly kinky) that makes my sexuality work. There's no flag or elevator pitch that will explain that to others. It's relatively easy to keep this aspect of myself private, aside from what I described above. I have witnessed it having a greater or lesser impact on the lives of friends and I know some would desire to be every bit as "out" as western culture allows LGBT to be were it acceptable to do so. In my observation, no one has a monopoly on feeling at odds with society.
  2. OmiOMy's Avatar
    The point of my rant is I'm seeing more and more people who say things like "I wish this was accepted like gay people" and that makes me livid because we're barely accepted now, we're still denied basic rights (wanna see your wife in the hospital ma'am? Too bad), and just erases the struggle.

    Speaking as a multiply queer DL, the two simply do not compare. It's not the Same. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.