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A New Semester Looming on the Horizon/Possible Internship?

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Hello Everyone,

I have been brooding most of Christmas break over a horrid cold that only released it's grip on me on Christmas Day. I also have been crunching numbers on what to do about my short supply of padding. I found, before one incident took my budget away, I would have had enough to get two cases. Unfortunately, due to things out of my control, My I-Pod Nano 7's (The Nano Version is discontinued) screen shattered and it needed to be replaced. I searched for a replacement, however the only replacements were short supply stock that Apple had in storage; running at 210 dollars a product (when they were in stores they would charge 120 bucks for it - what a price gouge!). That purchase, along with the protection wrap and screen protector, wiped out my diaper budget and then some; putting my financial situation in dire straights for the coming year.

Crestfallen, I was at least fed a bit by MetalMann, who gave me a Christmas present of diapers (18 Northshores). This does stave off the inevitable, but without any budget and no way of getting more after that I would have to use the 4 ATNs I have left and the 18 Northshores as emergency diapers when I absolutely need them to help the emotional issues that are bound to resurface during the semester. In order to supplement the lack of diapers, I hope to be on the RP areas of both ADISC and an alternate server to which I am also a member more often in order to get rid of the frayed nerves before they make me go ballistic.

On another, more positive note, I applied for a few internships for the coming summer and I have a in-person interview with one of my potential employers come Tuesday of next week (post phone interview by an HR Recruiting Manager). I hope I get it because that would replenish my summer coffers and allow even some flex spending for the summer as well (even after another computer upgrade) based on the figures that company is talking about as an hourly salary. I am also quite excited for my next semester as I am going to be with a very good professor for two of my IT classes. The other IT class professor I have is unknown and she is Indian in origin, but I hope we will be able to relate and see eye-to-eye. Also I will continue my Bassoon studies and will even be taking up the Pipe Organ with a professor I know from my one semester I took with him at the piano (which was required - easiest A to get tbh because of 6 years of piano skill!).

That pretty much sums up what I can tell you to keep you all up to date on what has been going on so...

Until Next Time,
Austin The Lionhearted


  1. Cottontail's Avatar
    Good luck with your interview! And don't worry about your Indian prof. As it goes with most people from other countries: Once you get past the funny accent, it's All Good. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.