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DL Specific Pride Flag?

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As i may have said previously, some of the merchandise i produce and sell has to do with the LGBTQIA+ pride
flags. I have been thinking about a design specifically for Diaper Lovers. The Leather, BDSM, and other fetish
communities have very specific flags and symbols for just about every variance you can imagine, like Master,
Slave, Bootblack, Ownership, Switch, Skinhead, Rubber fetish, Uniform fetish, and Cowboy fetish. I don't
perceive any of these variants as existing to suggest that the other interests are somehow inferior or undesirable.
Some of them are garment fetishes. They just want more individualized representation.

The current ABDL flag has pastel colors and a safety pin graphic, all of which are very indicative of age play.
But as someone who is not into age play or being little, i don't feel that this design represents my interest.
Do any other DLs feel this way?

My design ideas might be...more on the nose than some people are comfortable with. I don't want a graphic
of a diaper, but am thinking a white background with two narrow blue stripes running down or across it--wetness
indicator stripes! And maybe a narrow yellow and a narrow brown X spanning it. That might be too literal,
as i tend to be quite literal. I can adapt the current ABDL flag as a pendant and just put a little safety pin on it,
but i would like to make a Diaper Lover specific pendant too. Due to the public opinion of AB and DL interests,
i'm afraid to sell such pendants in my shop with the other pride pendants. Maybe that is undue cowardice,
but realistically...i don't know. I might have to find another vendor who specializes in AB/DL merchandise who
would be willing to sell them.

I'm open to input!


  1. Cottontail's Avatar
    The ABDL flag design is pretty lame. Granted.

    But a more functional question: Who actually uses these flags, and where? I suspect the answers are "almost nobody," and "almost nowhere." (Same as for "Who buys and wears ABU and Tykables t-shirts?") Of course, there'd be little reason not to go around sporting a DL pride flag if the design was all subtle allusion and inside symbolism like what you describe, but then... what fun would it be? Or what would you be accomplishing? If you're trying to show pride in a thing, do it overtly or else don't bother. Isn't that kind of how it works?

    That's where I run into a wall with this stuff.
  2. BoneSaw's Avatar
    I know what you mean. I suspect they are only used at conventions or gatherings of like minded people. In such a case, a
    subtle symbol being displayed could aid in newcomers recognizing their group. I shouldn't call it a pride flag then. I think the
    fun in wearing a subtle allusion, if it was only known to that community, would be only the ~right~ people would recognize it,
    like a secret handshake. Of course, if it's out there, other people will eventually find out what it means too, but probably slower
    than they would other things, since there is so much aversion to all things related to adults in diapers. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.