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My father, a neat freak, intends to visit tomorrow... Well technically later today (it's two thirty in the damn AM right now). I've spent the last half hour cleaning the kitchen and bottling water kefir, which meant a minor bit of cooking (sugar syrup). The place looks slightly better, but...

He'll still yell.

I have a naked bed, after's to keep a minimum number of nesting places for the bugs. Maybe I'll put things on it just for the visit.

My nerves aren't great. I need to sleep. And in the morning I'll have to hide my stash.

And I have to stay dry tonight...

That last bit is the hard part. I can't have him over to help assist with furniture if I'm airing out a mattress and drying a diaper on the towel rack... I mean I can put off the washing but then I have to pray for minimal smell.

...the only upside to all this worrying is it exhausts me into sleep.
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