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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#380

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Christmas is drawing nearer.
It will be a cheap one, given that I have very little money.
Earlier today I was looking at soft-bodied Baby Dolly Friends in the toy department at the WALMART across town here in Salem, NH.
I admit to being a "Boy/Girl" internally.
Sometimes while regressed I am a little boy, and sometimes I am a little girl who sincerely adores her precious loving dolly friends.
I admit to some shame, that anatomically I am male, yet I have many feminine thoughts and feelings.
I know that the Fundamentalist Christians hate me forever because I am a "Boy/Girl".
They only think that gender is rigid and fixed, and that males with female thoughts and feelings inside are depraved and morally diseased.
I identify as Asexual, but I admit to really being Gay.
I am not sick.
I am not diseased.
I am simply me.


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