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Getting More Daring with the Wearing & How I Like Layers

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Hello. I've been having a long spell of "diaper mode"--at least a week now. The desire has been so strong that i've gotten more daring
with where and how i wear my diapers. I have worn to work most days this week. Not thin diapers, but i've varied what i used, but
always wore my big black jeans over them. I solder things together, mostly by myself, and my coworker has worn track pants all week,
so we don't need to dress up at this place. It certainly makes my mundane process a bit more interesting, especially since i've been
really busy fabricating items for the holiday rush. Busiest time of the year.

I had to sneak my bag back to the bathroom to change, but no one was paying attention. I wore jeans that were more fitted when i
went out shopping, but with a long button up shirt on top. People most likely couldn't see the bulges, but it made me feel more daring.
I've always had the problem of disproportionately large, muscular thighs, and since i'm not walking six miles a day at work anymore or riding
my bike everywhere i go, they have gotten too big for some of the jeans i used to like wearing over diapers. I need a very specific fit to
look ~ambiguously diapered,~ which is the look i want to perfect for going out when the mood strikes. I have these second hand,
highly stretchy skinny jeans that i like to put on over diapers sometimes in private. They can compress some diapers, but make the
thicker kind more noticeable. If only i looked good in skinny jeans! I never wear them in non-diapered life, as tight pants make me
dysphoric and bother me, and remind me of wanting to wear diapers. It's a 90% hate, 10% love relationship.

I'm sure i wear more compression layers over my diapers than is recommended. This is one reason i can't wear them as long as other
wearers. But i love the feeling of the layers. It doesn't feel right without them I've been cutting the edges off an Attends super
absorbency brief and fitting it into a men's Depends Silhouette like a big pad. It's easier to deal with this way, even if it does take a bit
of finagling to get it situated properly. It's easier to change out after i wet it, and the thin men's brief has space for it, since i don't have
the male hardware...although i wish i did. I put a rolled up rag or other fabric construct between the pad and the brief to make things
feel right and shape the diaper the way i want. I put large boy's compression boxer briefs over this rig, then these sort of fancy boxers
i found second hand. I like the bit of bulk all around that the slightly loose pants add. Then i put on these women's stretchy workout
shorts. Feels so good. I often see something in a thrift store and think, "Hmm, that might feel good over a diaper."

I got a package of Tena overnight briefs this week, and they are rather thin. Maybe they swell up a lot when used. But if i seriously
wet the bed, i wouldn't trust these alone. I tried wearing one of my pad mods inside one of these, but even in my big jeans, i got
concerned that the bulk might be detectable. Strangers out shopping seeing this is fine, but i would rather not arouse curiosity at work.

This spell of Diaper Mode hit after my period. For quite a while, it would precede my periods. I would start having dreams about wearing
diapers or trying put them on while trying to keep other people out of the room, then start feeling the desire to wear while awake.
This is likely because i spent so many years trying to fulfill this desire while concealing it from everyone.

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