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welp i kinda want someone to try this for me

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so i just made a weird diaper... pad thing with a bath towel its quite confortable better than underwear in my opinion. and its so thick and heavy not even wet so i want someone to try this
get the thickest diaper you can get that is disposable.
do what i did with towel and make it into a pad like thing
and tell me how it feels please i wanna know

step 1: take bath towel any kind

step 2: do "hotdog" fold once or twice ( if needed to hamburger fold once )

step 3: put in diaper spacificly where the inbetween legs holes is at.

step 4: please tell me what its like


  1. wedge's Avatar
    hi so that weird diaper pad thing i made...
    yeah i made another one and put it under the first one and its super confortable but its noticibly harder to close my legs and walk
    but what if i make three and put it under the first two?
    with this on i feel so confortable so relaxed...
    ive been wearing it for about three hours its so nice but my heart is raceing cause im scared someone will find out sooner or later
    but maybe if they do i can go to the store and buy real diapers? maybe.
    wow how off-topic can this comment get
  2. wedge's Avatar
    its been a full five hours i have wet my self already i held it in for two... and whatever i did it works quite well but still i really wonder how this will work with the recommendation i said
  3. wedge's Avatar
    this just ended up being a blog on where i share updates on my homemade diaper pad thing
    anyways its starting to leak passed the first towel starting to hit second towel.
    never mind it leaked passed second towel but bairly starting to hit pants but i must try full experience
    this will be emberessing with this thought in my head of me doing this but i just could not help it i had to try and i just love it even though its just handmade diapers i made in four minutes (2 min each towel) and its just so confortable i really want to get real diapers because it just feels so right to me.
    but i think im starting to fix up my blader cause this morning i went to the restroom and i could actually urinate without being in a bit of pain. and i just want ultra thick and heavy diapers with my two towel padding over original padding and it will just feel great but hard to walk.
    so yeah soon ends my experiment
    Updated 16-Dec-2017 at 04:33 by wedge (yeah my bladder ain't drying up it fixed it self)
  4. wedge's Avatar
    so... i made it a full blown diaper so i found some old pj pants in my closet blank so i decided to make another home made diaper pad and wrap up the legs of the pants so i have no pantlegs.
    the issue with walking and closeing my legs is even more evedent but still super confortable
  5. wedge's Avatar
    welp doing the same thing again exept i got this plastic air bad thing from amazon and i might use it later - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.