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A good day in diapers

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I finally received my latest order from XP Medical after being out for a few months and using CVS brand. I purchased my favorite brand and a new one to try. My favorite brand so far is the Seni Quatro and Super Plus. The Quatro are thick and hold a lot which work for those days when I can just lounge around unbothered. The Super Plus work well under jeans and don't show hardly at all.

The new one is the Molicare Slip Super Plus. I thought that these were the same as the Molicare Super Plus but the slip is clearly different. The reviews on this site made them sound great. The Slip model are thin and have a nice blue plastic back. They are really quiet for plastic back. Anyway...

I have been wearing to bed most nights but last night I didn't. My day started early due to a snow storm. After shoveling the driveway and seeing the kids off to school, I was able to get dressed and get down to some work at home. I had two online meetings to attend. During the first meeting, the urge arrived and released filling my Seni Super Plus nicely. The Seni Super Plus holds quite a lot. I had a short break and then came my next meeting. I had to go #2 already and was holding it as the meeting was an hour and didn't want to stink up the place for too long. I couldn't hold it back and release a little at first. I was still a little uncomfortable so I pushed the rest out. It was super full and not too smelly. My meeting ended and I was ready for a shower.

I had to head to our annual holiday party next. I was not planning to wear a diaper as I didn't want people to catch me. I have only worn once to work and it was a depend underwear that was not that great. I pondered the idea for 15 minutes while showering and shaving. I caved and put on the Molicare Slip Super Plus. I had worn one around my wife and she may have noticed the slight crinkle noise but I knew to party would be noisy so why not. I figured it was only for about 3 hours total.

The snow storm was pretty bad and roads were not cleared very well. My wife was not confident that she would be able to pick up the kids in her car so I committed to picking the kids up. They are in different schools with different schedules but hey, I was still dry so why not. Three hours after first putting on my diaper, I was waiting for my first pickup and feeling the urge creeping up. I don't have a lot of experience with these so I was not super confident about leakage. Especially sitting in the car.

In mid sentence talking with my kid, I released and filled the front of the diaper. No leaks and I could feel the wicking fairly fast. I felt like a school bus driver going to three different locations and collect all four kids. I have a new appreciation of my wife and her daily rounds. Well, I had a meet-up with a friend at a local non-profit to talk about an event we were planning. I was low on gas and my wife asked me to get milk on the last leg. After all of that I was really late and no time to stop to clean up. I was feeling fine in my wet Molicare so I just kept going.

The meeting was quick as it was only a chance to meet key organizers. No one could tell I was in a wet diaper. I was not due home at that point so I swung by the venue to check on status and how it was looking. I got stuck in one of those conversations that would just not end when the urge came again. It was three hours since I had wet the first time and now I was really concerned. Would I leak after a second time? I did not want to take a chance and wet my new car. So I raced home thankful that the roads were now clear. When I got home the wife and kids had finished dinner leaving me a nice hot plate. I slipped off to my room and released. It was a full bladder for sure and was a little too much for the already soaked diaper. I was changing into night clothes so I felt a slight drip on my thigh which was not bad at all.

I cleaned up and slipped on my warm flannel pants and T-shirt and went down to eat, watch some TV, and snuggle with the wife by the fire. This has to be one of my favorite days in diapers. The Seni was perfect this morning and the Molicare was good. I'm set for a while now, at least until bedtime.

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