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A Little Sophisticated.

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Some of my “little treats” are kind of… sophisticated.

I can trace this all the way back to my mom (rest her soul), when we would have girls’ days in. There would be bubble baths, tea, getting our nails done, and perfume. I loved the perfume. I always felt so lovely when she let me wear perfume.

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I’ve begun growing my perfume collection as I’ve been indulging my little side. It’s all so perfectly lovely, and on big days it’s a way to feel protected and glamorous. I almost always pick women’s fragrances because they remind me of those days that I was so happy with my mom. The next I’m going to add is a nice vanilla, because I love vanilla. 😻
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  1. Howdy21's Avatar
    I have a very nice collection of dolls.
  2. OmiOMy's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Howdy21
    I have a very nice collection of dolls.
    I never got into dolls, but I have so many plushies. Almost three quarters of them are Pokémon plushies. I absolutely love Pokémon.
  3. Howdy21's Avatar
    You should get your nails done. We do every few weeks, mani and pedi. I leave a nice tip after each visit and I'm always made to feel welcome.I almost always get color on my toes and something beige on my fingers. No one raises an eyebrow
    I love that you collect and use pefume, sometimes I do as well. We could talk a long time about being "sophisticated"
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