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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#378

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As usual at this late hour, I am being quiet here in the downstairs unfinished and unheated Den room.
Earlier today I did go out to perform some video shooting for Derry, NH CTV where I volunteer.
Today I have had no nap.
Another week before my SSDI Direct Deposit clears into my checking account.
Except for "Bedtime", I have been in "Adult Mode".
Of course being a Disability Rights Activist, I have been monitoring the political goings-on down in Washington, DC.
The Elephant Symbol Party is so nasty and filled with undying hate for us persons with lifelong physical and developmental disabilities.
I do not like being called "worthless" and "unworthy of life" by persons who have no concept of what it is like to live with a disability.
It is not just us Disabled the Elephant Party is out to hurt and destroy.
Many of my High School classmates are military veterans who are going to have their access to health care taken away from them.
They do not like it and they are mega-angry about it.
Anyway, I have a lot on my mind.
Yes, I will note that many personal face-to-face and online friends in the Disability Community have converged on Washington, DC over-and-over again to protest and declare that they have a right to physically exist in this world.
Yes, many of my Disabled Community friends have gotten arrested for "standing up for their civil rights".
Many persons here on this ADISC Adult Baby/Diaper Lover/Incontinence Community are part of the wider Disability Community online.
Here in the United States we can no longer be silent, while the Elephant Symbol Party stomps on our basic civil rights and for the most-part wants us all dead.
Well, here it is the Holiday Season, and it is these issues, not Christmas itself which is sinking me into depression.
Despite claims to the contrary, the Elephant Symbol Party here in the United States are not acting like true Followers of Jesus.
With respect to us Disabled, they are acting like vile bigots.


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