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Adult baby formula

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I looked all over for adult baby food and had no success until it dawned on me that there was something out there that was similar made for adults.

What is baby formula but a powdered drink mix with vitamins and minerals add to it that babies need.

What I found is in every grocery store. What I found was powdered milk, which in to 30ís through the 50ís was given to babies in place of baby formula.

Why not just use baby formula? Because all the added vitamins and minerals might put your body out of balance. And I found that it is a lot less embarrassing having somebody find a box of powdered milk than it would be that they found a container of baby formula. I found that powdered milk has a different taste than liquid milk and I think closer to baby formula at lest the one I tried.
Now powdered milk should not replace a meal, but a bottle of powdered milk with a meal might make you fell little.

What mommies and daddies need is of a box of powdered milk, a baby bottle, a coffee measuring scoop, and an air tight container.

1 Pour some powdered milk in to the container, I find it hard to measure out the powdered milk from the pore spout.
2 Measure out 3 scoops of powdered milk in to an 8/9 ounce bottle.
3 Fill with water.
4 Replace lid and shake well.

Just imagine the look on you little face when you scoop and unknown powder in to their bottle, add water and shake it up.

Let me know if you try this.

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