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Oh Me Oh My! OmiOMy's Rambles

Going Out...

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Today, I have been invited out. It comes on the heels of a weekend spent padded, one night wet and one dry.

Part of the wet night was intentional—I had not intended on changing out of my diaper upon wetting, having had two accidents already that day and having to wash two diapers.

And then there was... That accident. The one that I had just in front of the bathroom, nowhere near desperate to need it, just suddenly... Happening. It's still so clear. A moment of numbness, then wetting myself.

I immediately put myself in a diaper after cleaning up my mess. I've basically spent the weekend padded since. Now I'm going out, and not taking my chances — the neuropathy is out in force, and if that's what's to blame, as I suspect, I can't be too careful...

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