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Ready Steady find the store

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So recently I have been trying to find storage facilities and ask them a few questions on how much it would cost to store the items. This is for in case I buy some nappies and I want to store them somewhere without taking them home. I went to Safe store in Leeds central past the shuffle dog bar. I asked them a few questions and they said they was closing down so I would have to go for the other once but they told me annissal charge is 2,000 pounds (By that time I was thinking your not the one)
They asked me what I wanted to store and embarrassedly I said "I want to store a pack of nappies about this high." She told me it would cost 1.10 a day.
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Just say no to storesafe unless you are a billionaire, million air and if that is the case you can buy a land and a mansion and have your very own nursery and pay butlers, maids and ABDL nannies to change, feed and put you to bed. With that ammount of money you could leave home and rent your own house and put your nappies in their.

Anyway, I digress.
So I came to college early yesterday to print myself a google map on how to get from my college to Ready Steady Store in Leeds. No matter how I read the map and turned it I could not seem to find it.
I was tempted to ask someone for directions but since I was determined to do it on my own I tried to find it on my own. They were a green building in the distance but after a while I gave up and bought my self a tocco bell and went home

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