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Life On A Ship With Diapers of course!

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So basically I work on ships all over the place, they don't sit in port for long;
she is always underway 85% of the time. I do long hours in the ships bridge or
wheelhouse as some call it. I have had a good feel laughs, when one of the mates
came bursting in my cabin and saw me there, putting on the diaper. But he seemed
OK with what he saw. He was like
"well it makes since as you'd be walking down 3 flights of stairs, just to get to the

I'm glad he never mentioned it to the crew. It's nice to know sailors are not jerks
and can keep their mouths shut about something that has no place for chatting well working with the bridge team.
To date only ONE person knows I use diapers. I feel like I'm not the only one those seeing as the long pathway to the bathrooms. I'd figure even if you were not incontinent, you'd be using these as something with out it may not make it down that many flights of stairs before a tinkle or a flood took place.

I think that most folks don't think about it but a LOT of folks use adult diapers and the such.
I wished those who used diapers would not have to live in secret I mean after all it's just a type of clothing!

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