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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#370

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As always I am a "Night Owl".
Earlier I was in Exeter, NH to attend a Disability Civil Rights Meeting.
Being in diapers 24/7, I was "wet" when I arrived at the meeting.
After the meeting and before I drove home I changed my diaper.
At least the designated "Handicapped" bathroom was "clean".
At a lot of stores, whenever I have had to change my diaper in a Handicapped Toilet Stall, the darn toilet seat is covered in pee-pee.
Why the Hell do people have to up and pee-pee all over the toilet seat instead of into the toilet bowl?
Lots of times as a person with Autism and Cerebral Palsy I hate having to use public bathrooms in stores.
But, I do not want to flood my diaper(s) to the point where they are leaking and getting my pants wet.
Anyway, tomorrow is a "Stay at Home" day.
I am "broke" until my next SSDI direct deposit on Wednesday.



  1. Agent66's Avatar
    Yeah I hear ya about store bathrooms being at most times disgusting!
    You should carry around a barrier of some kind from a cheap Pancho for a buck or basically anything
    that creates a layer between your clean rump and that nasty toilet seat.
    Another thought would be to use the *Family Bathroom* if that have one.
    Normally the whole mass of folks are not in there messing it up.
    I remember going in one time...and it looked like the daddy day care movie.
    I was horrified, the image I could not stop seeing over and over again the disgust was
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