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I am a happy little boy!! XD

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I am a very happy little boy right now because I got some abena M4 diapers and it is GREAT!!!!!

they are so thick and comfy even if they are plastic backed they are still the closest thing I will probably ever get to the real "cloth backed" M4's.

yes these have crinkle and I have to becareful my parents don't become to aware of the sound but it does feel so wonderful to be finally wearing some actual diapers and NOT cheap generic brands.

I bought them on amazon and I received them today (Monday, 11/6/2017) after I got home from work they were sitting on my bed and later I opened the box after I had settled in for awhile.

I have not wet in them yet I am going to savor the moments spent in these diapers because I have earned these I waited so long to get them and buy them it just makes me so happy.

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