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Hello to all you wonderful people out there,
I'm relatively new here and still trying to make friends and find my footing as it were. I was hoping regardless of this fact however someone might be able to help me.
Very recently, A guy I've been speaking to on discord for the past few months essentially 'confessed' to me, so I guess I have a boyfriend now? The thing is, I really do feel for him and I couldn't bear to be without him even though technically I still haven't been 'with' him. He lives in the states and I live in Ireland.
I'm afraid to tell him about me though as he's expressed disdain in regards to the ABDL lifestyle before. I'm not even that into if I'm honest, I just like wearing diapers and I have some AB tendencies. I don't want to lose him but I don't want to have to hide things either.
Does anyone have any ideas or advice on how I could tell him that he's going out with a freak? See, that started as a joke but even now I'm scared that's what he'll call me... I don't know what to do guys!
Anyway thanks for hearing me out I guess and I appreciate any and all help you lot can give me.
yours, a DL in love,

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