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Continuing my journey into incontience.

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So a month back or so I posted in the incontinence forum about my final desicision on diapers See "Moving to and moving on with 24/7 wearing and using" for full intro details.

Anyway I'm just over 3 months into this transition and I have to say I've no regrets so far, in fact, even with the challenges my decision presents my everyday life I feel much better and overall happier then I ever have before.

My bladder control is non existant for day or night, and I only have minor awareness of my bowels. I've woken up absolutetly soaked everymorning and I'm messy more times then not when I wake up as well.

I've done quite a few public diaper changes both wet and messy in regular, and handicap, washrooms alike, and while getting caught is nearly unavoidable the only people who make a huge deal out of it are children who do'nt know better, and A-Hole adults who just need to make everybody miserable.

My Boyfriend Walter (fursona name) has supported me 100% every step of the way never saying no or I shouldn't do that.

Now for a note to anyone who wishes to become incontinent.
For me this was an easy transition. As I said in my post having control over my bladder and bowels DID NOT FEEL RIGHT as if I was suppose to be incontinent my entire life. You can never truly see the results you want you want unless your willing to, without a doubt, mentally redefine yourself as incontinent this means that even if you run out of diapers you have no choice on holding your bladder, or bowels if you choose this as well, till a toilet is avalible you just go right where you are NO EXCEPTIONS.

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