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From Headaches to Pacifiers: I have had another stressful week with more turmoil on the way!

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you all are doing ok. I have been dealing with the almighty midterms and they caught me in full swing last week. That would be fine if I was able to decompress as a little afterwards, but unfortunately I didn't have time between running errands for mom this weekend and being stressed out that midterms are being spread out over three weeks. I also got a notification of a new huge assignment that is due in two weeks. My professor for that class I have been having some beef with since he came as new faculty this year. He is a disorganized undisciplined clown who thinks he is the king of the world with his shiny new doctorate degree and as such; has an ego the size of my college campus. He wants to teach us every square inch of his 600+ page book (I call it a brick because it is so heavy and useless). He seldom teaches from the book and leaves the instruction to compiled Powerpoint slides using broken English using multiple sources (including multiple chapters from the book). The problem is that the sources from the book are so scarce and exclusive that they're virtually impossible to discern from the non-relevant information.

The huge assignment is in relation to our learning about SQL in our Database Management class. His instructions for getting the software installed was problematic and when all was said and done, his instructions for the assignment were not specific enough to properly do the assignment. Although I tried to attempt it, it appears that his method of installing it has not properly prepared us to perform the actions in his assignment correctly.

My personal project is coming along. Preparing a new modification update for Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales (I am the head developer by the way) is not easy. I will eventually be done with it and when that is done I will finally have the peace I seek. Enough to do some actual free time instead of devoting all of my spare time to work on this project.

I have a impromptu meeting with my disability services coordinator so I will be able to talk with her about a few things (namely that professor) . I also am rather busy this week with the second midterm on Monday and still trying to keep up with the massive amount of homework from two other classes. In the meantime I continue to try to stay positive despite what has been going on recently. I am, apparently, fighting a losing battle as my attempts to do both little space (to stay sane) and adult stuff to meet the unreasonable demands of my time is becoming too much to bear.

Anyway, I hope that I can get through it as I am getting weaker and weaker with each passing day. Sooner or later I will be soundly defeated beyond recognition if this keeps up. I will have to call upon my network in order to try something that will attack as well as defend myself against the threat posed by such a professor that I MUST deal with to complete a REQUIRED class for my major...

Until Next Time,
Austin The Lionhearted

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