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Here is just an update! I still exist. XD

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Here is just an update I still exist I have been rather busy working my current job.

I don't know how much longer I will stick with this job, I am in the process of deciding rather or not to do something else of course I am looking at other possibilities for jobs out there if I got hired where I am at now well there is always other "possibilities"

I knw this current job is not going to hold me forever so I must look at other options at least until I can find something I know I will be good at or at least I know I can do without making so many damn mistakes.

but enough about jobs I may talk about that more later in another blog sometime.

I having been buying stuff to feed my "little" side and that has been one great aspect about having this job is the money my own money that I can spend on whatever I want, it is fantastic.

I have also tried and I am going to continue to keep trying to workout and exercise so I do not become an incredible fat slob by the time I am forty, four years ago I weighed about 185 pounds now I weigh a little over 220 that's not good for me as I grew up with ADHD and having a very high metabolism.

I am NOT trying to offend anyone by the ^^ above statements I have made but there is a weight problem in my family I want to try an avoid it if I can I will try to find a workout routine that works for me and stick with it and that is all for now on that subject.

I am going to try continuing to have a positive and happy life as much as I can but I typed out this blog just to let everyone know what is currently happening in my life and yes I do still exist I will try to be o n the site as much as I can but for now this will have to do.

stay happy, healthy, and of course padded! XD

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