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Putting out a hope list

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Lately I've been feel my mental balance where it should be. In that odd grey level. In a meditation session I thought of doing this hope list. These are the things I hope for myself.

1 a Loving and equal partner
2 a stable and safe home
3 a fulfilling job.
4 to be a better man than my father.
5 find a balance for my little side and adult side.


  1. Marka's Avatar
    That's awesome!
  2. Marka's Avatar
    We may have overlooked something...
    For you to first, get to [U]know, the [I]real[/I] you[/U]; not the [I]you[/I] that you've been misinformed about - then, comes the acceptance of self.

    With the acceptance of, the [I]properly-viewed self[/I]; comes the realization, that the rest of your list, will naturally follow.
  3. Starrunner's Avatar
    Great list, Kryan. I agree with Marka. Perhaps we could all work jointly on finding some help to get to the bottom of what has been holding you back for so long. Again, my suggestion is that we take it in small steps.

    The goals on the list are all reasonable and worthy, but might I suggest another approach? Think of the goals as a destination in your life. To reach that destination, you first need to obtain a map that can help ypu get there. On the map you can see that there are no shortcuts to reaching the destination so you just have to follow the instructions on how to get there. It simply means that there are practical steps you need to take to get there. As long as you have that map, you can even take a few detours along the way if something sparks your interest (I've taken several of those myself). Just don't lose sight of the overall goals.

    Happiness is the end goal. You don't need to define yet what it will look like or how you will get there. Just think of where you are attoday. Don't overwhelm yourself with artificial deadlines to get to the destination. The journey takes whatever time it takes, but you need to start it with a solid foundation.

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