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A Week Without Padding

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Or at least anything thicker than a GoodNite.

I got promoted at work recently, and have had to adapt my sleep schedule just a tad. During this adjustment period, the most I would do for diapered activities would be sleeping in a Goodnite, just to have a thin layer of padding to help me sleep. I thought at first my life was just naturally pushing out diapers, so I had to use one of my days off to wear something thick, and boy I didn't realize I missed it so much. And then I became sad, thinking my life would just push it all away now. But now I realize the job change just excited me and I got swept up in it.

I just had to get through an adjustment period. My job was changing for the better, my band was changing for the better, my interests were starting to align timely, life in general just feels like it's getting better. And then my stupid perfectionism started to tell me I wasn't worthy of it. I'm lucky to have one of my closest friends to help me through my inner struggles.

Things are just going well.

SnowBlitz is the best buddy a Gomamon could ask for.

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