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Howdy Y'all (My Intro)

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Just a fellow DL Here.

I like to wear when I can, and just to relax. Had the desire for it most of my life. Started I think when I was put in a diaper as a little kid around age 4, to prevent wetting the bed once while staying at my grandmas, and I liked it from then on.

I came here just looking (or lurking) around for the like minded, and maybe for a place to post my inner thoughts to myself or something, IDK yet.

Anyways. I am a guy in my mid 40's, married 20 + years (yes the wife knows I'm a DL and is ok with it) and have two teens.

I work from home as a computer support assistant and have my own business blog offering computer tips and other things. I love to work with tech and small board computers like the Raspberry Pi. Hoping to start learning some computer language (probably Python) and coding soon. But, just been a little too busy lately and hadn't gotten around to it yet. Any suggestions on a good place to learn it on line would be nice.

When I am not working on my computer, I also like to play golf, cook, go fishing (though haven't been fishing in a long time), play old Atari & Nintendo games on my own home built system, and binge watch some sci-fi shows on Netflix. I also like CSI style shows.

That's about it for me. I hope I didn't say too much!

Have a good day!

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