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No. 1 and 2 (TMI WARNING) Problems

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I am a DL but I do wear diapers sometimes for protection too, because I have a week bladder or have to go frequently. And, I dribble. But I don't wear that often out in public. Only if I think there might not be a bathroom near by. I work at home and don't really get out in public much anyway, so not much of a problem. Usually, the only time I wear a diaper away from home, is on road trips longer than an 1hr between stops. I know, I could probably just pull over and find a tree or bush, but why stop when I don't have to. So I guess I wear then, for the convenience. Plus when I travel, it's usually with family, so the side of the road isn't an ideal place to stop.

BTW, I'm not afraid to wear diapers in public. I don't make it obvious and conceal it pretty good. I don't care if the random public somehow figures out I am wearing a diaper. What are they going to say? They don't know I am not incontinent. Besides, I have asked my wife a few times if she noticed, and she couldn't even tell I was wearing. She said, there are too many outside noises and it's not sticking out.

I also think I have another issue, IBS (though not officially diagnosed). Sometimes a bowel movement can happen at anytime and very quickly, especially after eating out somewhere. And sometimes, it can feel like I have to go, and nothing happens. Most of the time it's very slow moving. With that, I can be in the bathroom for what feels like, forever! So, if I have somewhere to be, I better plan way ahead, just so I am not interrupted while in the middle of something. For example, I like to play golf. I don't want to be with a few playing partners on the 10th hole, and then have to rush to the clubhouse to use the restroom. Plus, most places have just a one seater and I don't want to take up the restroom too long, out of courtesy to others. And, some of the places I play, don't have close outdoor facilities. Or dense bushes, lol! Anyway! So if I have a an appointment or a tee time at say 8am, I better get up at 5am to get my business done. And here is the thing. I also have to go really frequently. When I have to go, not long after I go, I have to go No 1. So I end up back in the bathroom not long after.

So it's a real pain in the ass. I skip doing a lot of fun stuff because of these problems. Like I have recently been re-acquainted with an old friend I went to grammar school with. He has a BBQ cook off team. I love to cook (and I am a decent at it) and so he invited me to join his team and hang out with them. I keep saying I will, but put it off or haven't done it because of the No. 2 problems. I have also skipping some things the kids do or I worry I am going to be at the function and have to go and they only have a one seater.

I am also some what of a germaphobe, when it comes to public bathrooms. I always carry hand wipes in and wipe down things before and after I sit down. Sometimes I will risk it, and try and just hold it in, and wait until I get home.

Anyway! I am just getting really tired of it. Been tired of it! Probably should see a Dr. but can't afford it. And kind of scared to.

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