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Surprise~ I'm A Baby (Very Light TMI)

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So a few nights ago (Saturday night), I came home from an eventful day with my desire to wear very strong. I went to bed padded, which usually provokes me to take care of a thing shortly followed by falling asleep. Instead of that, I felt a nagging need to huggle my Popplio plush, rest my mind, and settle into a peaceful sleep, and it was a very happy sleep I had.

I woke up that Sunday morning still feeling little, but I had some errands to do. I filled up a bottle and brought my plush downstairs while I pushed through the babyish feelings. Despite my efforts, I succumbed to my desires, quit my errands, and went up to my room to embrace my feelings. It was refreshing being able to waddle around the house in a t-shirt and diaper with a plushie in my arms to go refill a bottle. With a bottle and a plush in my hands, I sat in front of the tv with my favorite Blue's Clues DVD running. Something newish to me: I was actually getting into the show and having a lot of fun playing around in my little space; usually I lay around and relax in my little space and generally don't feel too active. I reluctantly called it when my diaper was in desperate need of changing.

Usually a baby day for me ends with arousal and feeling naughty, followed by the want to adult. This time in particular was a new thing for me. I was so immersed into acting like being a baby that I was talking to my Popplio plush, telling him how much I loved being a baby, how much I loved emptying my bottles and filling my diapers, and how much I loved cuddling with him. I never before felt so innocent just babying around, watching Blue, and only doing babyish things in my diaper.

And I loved every single minute of it. <3


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    That is so inspiring to hear! Too often I hear ABDL's talk about the sexual aspects of wearing and it makes me kind of upset. What you've discovered is the simplicity of littlespace regression, and yes it is very innocent. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.