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Maybe I should start doing it some more. Not for the sake of anyone else reading it, just for my own therapeutic purposes. I personally like to read other people's diaper-related stories, so it isn't hard to imagine anyone else is interested in them. I haven't really updated much about my AB life here in a long time, so I probably have a lot of experiences and stories that I'll have to go over a little at a time.

I suppose I could start with today; I was home alone for about four and a half hours today. During this time, I decided to regress and baby around. During these regression sessions, I lay out a blanket in the living room, diaper myself, start up some old video games, fill myself up a bottle, and cuddle with my Popplio plush. Today in particular, I felt my baby headspace running pretty wild; my attention span on playing my video games was very short, I was practically switching games constantly. My imagination was kicking in as well, and as silly as it sounds, I did a pacified Rock Band singing challenge proposed by my plush Popplio. I was getting pretty hyper during this too, like little kid bouncing around the walls running around hyper. The first couple of jumps in place I did felt kind of weird, but I eventually got over it and was having a lot of fun just being at play.

It felt very nice being able to regress for that long. Being alone at home for that long is very rare for me since I live with three other people, and all of us have very erratic work schedules. I can only regress on one of my two days off per week, and only when no-one else is home. I have to take advantage of the time I get, and usually it's kind of stressful for me to be on a time limit for baby time. Usually, there's worry about me not having enough time, but then there's the blissful time spent in baby mode, then there's the aftermath stress of knowing that I'm a guy in his 20's who just acted like a baby for hours instead of doing something productive. I have a habit of worrying too much, in case you haven't surmised such.

But still, today I can look back on today's session knowing that my special time made me happy. So that's a step in the right direction, at least.

That's all I have for tonight though. Night, all.

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