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I'm so pissed, literally!

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I've been using boot stay dry adult nappies for the past few nights and I've had nothing but leaks and I can't take them back for a refund if they are opened.

This morning I've had a rather bad one, I've wet 2times on my back and 2 standing up as I let the cat out this morning and before I went to bed.

On the second wetting I felt my onesie get wet around the back and founding I soaked my onesie and bed, talk about icky! I thought I had enough, you shouldn't have to chnage nappies at night!

The next part is worse because o was thinking ok, no problem I can wash my sheets and onesie with my other clothes, but when I came downstairs, my step mums clothes were in the wash followed by more washing sitting in front of the washing machine and it was raining outside.

Why, oh, why do they NOT use the tumble dryer function! That's what you bought it for, you could of got a cheaper one without! It's there, why don't you use it!

So I got up at 7 o,clock and couldn't go back to bed, I stripped my bed and change diapers and pajamas and ended up washing my sheets in the bathroom sink with hand soap to at least get rid of the pee smell and stop it staining, I was so angry and then the window cleaners came, so no chance of a lie in!

Oh well, I'll have to have a nap later..., but still, I got about 5 of them left!

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