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So I Told My Bassoon Professor.../Finally My First Successful 24+ Hours Diapered!

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Hi everyone,

I hope you are doing all right. I had my first bassoon lesson recently and while we were talking about my road to healing, the topic of my little side came up. My Professor had some suspicions up till now about this side of my life that she didn't know about and because it was rearing it's head in lessons sometimes, it was difficult for her to instruct me on the material. I tried to explain it to her as best I could and I managed to nail all the points down cold, all thanks to Moo's words, which helped me figure myself out. She understood and was intrigued as she had seen something or heard something about the community. I explained in the most detailed way that I knew of and by the time I had explained it all it was the end of the lesson.

I started my Friday evening by putting on a diaper (I didn't post on SIDF, but it is the thought that counts) and slept all through the night with one of the plushies that was from my old collection (that is now collecting dust in the guest room). The plushie I picked and have been cuddling with ever since has been a koala that was made by my paternal grandma when I was still a newborn. Even though the fur was rough and the stuffing needed softening by going through the laundry, the plushie was 10 times better than Todd, the fox plushie I had been cuddling with all summer. I spent some time in diapers nonstop from 12AM Saturday to 12PM Sunday and went through 6 diapers in all that time. It appears I am getting even more used to the pacifier as I am sucking much more naturally and even have managed to keep it in my mouth while I sleep. I have found out that sleeping like this has increased the quality of my sleep by 10 fold and I feel much less sleep deprived than I do when I am not snuggling with my plushies. I also have felt the need to take possible naps during the day as around mid afternoon I feel like I need to take one and I yawn a lot as a result. As a result of feeding my little space in moderation, my ravenous hunger for little space has calmed down and I am settling in to the routine of having two days where I can be encouraged to do some little space.

Despite my misgivings for the Statistics class that I am taking, I am starting to enjoy the class more as we have moved to a more probability focused class. Despite not giving a rat's bottom hole about math in general, probability is something in a math class that I can do well and I actually like to do...

Until Next Time,
Austin The Lionhearted

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