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Experimenting with Friends

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I thought i would write a blog about something that has been on my mind, I am not sure if there is a problem or if i need any answers. But i would give my experience. I might split this into a couple of posts, but i will post this as a taster and see how i feel about posting more.

This blog really covers the topic of Friends with benefits or f*ck buddy. Lots of names for it. But i guess it's people who you "Netflix and chill" with.

Now casual sex for me isn't just a one night stand. I don't like picking up strange pieces of meat that happen to be too drunk to trust themselves to get home the next morning.

But i do like having sex with friends i am either trusting or open with. As I find that communicating these things are very important. If some one can tell me what they like and don't like, and I judge that we're sexually compatible, we can at least make things physical with little disappointment and maximum enjoyment. How you get there isn't easy, but i might make this a topic in of itself.

But generally I am seeing not just if some shares the same feelings/ideas on sex, but also some one who i also feel that I will be happy to have sex with. That isn't really down to physical attractiveness, that really doesn't play a big part in it. But some one I wouldn't mind using sex as a bonding experience as a way to enhance the friendship.

That friendship-sex thing is something I find a little hard to describe, and am asking the readers mainly does this have a name? It's that I find it's something i like to share to some one I care about. But they are not my lover, we are not romantic. There is a line that isn't crossed. What is the difference between a friend you go out on a road trip with a barely running car. And you repair it together whenever it breaks on the side of the road. It's not the car you care about (or the sex in this case) but it's that you are with some one you don't mind sharing company with, and are good team workers.

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