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My Wish List

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I made up this wish list so I could remind myself to stay strong and respect myself. It just goes over what I look for in a partner.

1. No smoking - I don't kiss ashtrays
2. No drinking - I don't party
3. No drugs - I want to keep all my brain cells
4. Country living - I will not live in a city
5. Christian - Jesus saves
6. Church - I need someone beside me in church
7. Prayer - I need someone who can pray with me
8 Job - I only work part time, I'm not going to support you.
9. Health - How can I live in the country if I am not healthy enough to clean out the barn?
10. Awesome body - I like a little weight on that even though I don't have much myself
11. Morals - No sex without commitment. I don't put out until I have all the LTR details worked out
12. Awesome skills - I had to have 12 so I out a bonus at the end for all those special things that make you who you are.

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