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My First Two Days of School! What a Rollercoaster Ride!

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to how I am doing. I had my first classes of the four courses that I am taking and I thought I would take the time to share them with you.

Monday/Wednesday classes are a hit with my interests as they are for my major. The professor for my first class is someone I know well and I like very much. The second professor is a new one from Canada, however he has a lot of good points. The content will be programming related and will use the Learning Management System (LMS) that is so much better than the community college's LMS that I used this past summer!

Tuesday/Thursday classes are a mix of vegetables and dessert - to coin a phrase. The statistics class is a pain in the rear end and has a professor that is at least easier than the department head. His Indian Accent makes it incredibly hard to understand and it makes me angry that he is basically reteaching us math we already know from a different perspective and using summations and other calculus bull crap to make the formulas and rules in relation to the formulas ten times harder to memorize... He also doesn't allow me to make electronic submissions on the LMS for homework and requires me to hand-write everything (which is doing a number on my hands). On the other hand I have Wind Ensemble which although challenging is something I like to do. For the first concert I have to prepare 3 pieces for performance in a chamber ensemble setting. One of which is the E-flat Mozart Serenade which I love very much - even though Herr Mozart's music is notoriously difficult...

Until Next Time,
Austin The Lionhearted

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