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Moo saved me and I wake up a new person....

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After Moo helped me understand myself more and sort a lot of things out that I was waiting to solve... I went to sleep last night with Todd and my Paci as a little, but without padding. I woke up dry, despite a rocky sleep (probably the rock hard mattress), and woke up a new person. I feel much more confident and much more tolerant of mistakes. I even am going to go off of my old schedule and wear diapers whenever I can in long periods so that I can spend some time in full little mode on the discord server. Dragon of Shadows has been helping me today in that space, since I have not left it completely since waking up this morning. Although I have been going through virtual diapers like nobody's business, my real-life diaper supply is not diminishing as quickly.

I also have discovered that my once separated sides of little and big have somehow merged or at least been a lot closer together then they have been in many years. I feel more at peace with myself than ever and the inner turmoil and worrying has all but stopped. After dinner today I plan to go fully into little space and pad up again. Last night I also compiled a list of little space ground rules for any prospective little or caretaker either on the server or in real life (Moo helped me there too):

Guide to Austin's Little Side:
1. Do not embarrass or humiliate me in any way. It is not good for me.
2. Don't try to push me into little space against my will.
3. If I am in little space, bear in mind that I am vulnerable and also proud as a lion. I appreciate hugs and reassurance.
4. Bear in mind I go into my little space to deal with stress and my past. I want to feel safe and comfortable in little space.
5. I am a boy. Do not treat me like a sissy.
6. No sexual RP.
7. If you want to regress me, give me hugs and cuddles, then ask my trigger.
8. Do not play rough or use physical punishment.
9. I prefer bottles over pacifiers and pacifiers over thumbs.
10. I don't have these rules to be "in charge". I have them to feel safe and comfortable being little.


  1. Starrunner's Avatar
    This is excellent to hear. I can't think of another site adminstrator in the world who helps its members the way Moo does, above and beyond all the technical work. We all owe him a thousand and one thank-you's for what he does here everyday.
    Updated 29-Aug-2017 at 02:37 by Starrunner
  2. Angelic's Avatar
    Well done and thank goodness you are alright.

    I went through a rough patch before delving into diapers and toys full time, I, like you wanted to kill Myself so after I relised there is more in life, I kinda had to force myself to be little for a few hours and then I felt a had. A purpose and that I was loved and then a few months afterwards I started thinking about the future, it will all come into place, Austin! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.