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Looking looking looking and looking.

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I just want to quit my job. I've got very little chance in doing so. NO ONE IS HIRING. I hate the world and want nothing to do with it anymore. I'm not asking for help anymore. I've got all the answers. I've done my part. Now everyone else needs to play their parts. I think I'm going to leave Adisc for awhile. I seem only to be a problem or just someone other ignore. Goodbye for awhile.


  1. egor's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that you will be leaving.

    I know stepping away for a while does help at times.

    I do not see where you have been a problem. I hope what advice I have given you has helped.

    I do know that the discussion on your salary was a little much, but the advice I can give on that is Q-TIP (Quit Taking It Personally). Beside layman have no understanding that management in the food industry do good to get anything close to minimum wage, for all the BS they have to deal with from staff, customers and suppliers.

    I was told Q-Tip 10 years ago and it took a while to learn and remember it.

    Other then that I hope things work out for you and will look forward to your coming back.

  2. Starrunner's Avatar
    Hi, Kryan,
    Perhaps a break might not be a bad idea. Don't put any time limits on it and if you need to chat, you can always feel you're welcome to post here. In the meantime, please do contact your mom as soon as possible. I know in the past she has always been able to talk you down when you feel this way.

    I'm sorry you don't feel that you've been getting the answers you need here. I really do think we've worked pretty hard at trying to come up with creative solutions, unfortunately there just aren't any. You know my thoughts on the underlying causes so I'm not going to say it all again. I just want to wish you well for whatever time you are gone, I hope you will use the time to get the help you deserve, and that you find the answers you're looking for. Always remember that we are here for you at any time.

    Stay safe
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