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An Attempt for the first 24 hour Diapered Day - I failed!

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Hi all,
I started this little experiment (no pun intended) at 10PM last night. Where I wore diapers from that time until mid afternoon today (between 3 and 4 PM)... I intended to go 24 hours (until 10 tonight), but I had reached my maximum allotment of diapers (4 per 'little' day) and the fact that one of the diapers I tried to put on was defective - contributed to the failure to be padded 24 hours. The overall experience of being padded was liberating. You don't have to go to the bathroom as often to change and with better quality diapers I probably would have lasted all 24 hours without any discomfort. Also after the initial sensation of being diapered and powdered (even by your own hand) and adjusting to the first diaper, I felt safe and secure in the diapers. I have always felt this way, but the addition of other comforts that I didn't have last time (wearing a onesie, sucking a paci, etc.) reinforced the positive feedback that the diapers were giving me.

The Tranquility ATNs did well for what they were up against, however their downfall was in the quality control of each diaper. One of the diapers in question had one of the top tabs completely break off of the right wing of the diaper. With the diaper next to useless without the risk of severe leaking, I decided to wet once and then fill it to capacity with 12 ounce glasses of cold water down the front. When the ATNs were at capacity (synthetic load), even in the previous diaper before the defective one (realistic load), I had a noticeable waddle and I had trouble keeping my diapers pulled up.

I felt really little today. Although I couldn't dress-up as the 2 and a half year old I wanna be, I made do with shorts and a cute t-shirt over my diapers. This is in order to still wear diapers and use them like any toddler, but also conceal the fact that I am wearing them by using conspicuous clothes to prevent attention and distraction from both myself and others. I also managed to sneak a bottle full of milk from the kitchen while Dad was out of the house which tasted and felt very good. It made me feel safe and loved again to drink from a bottle... Although I still have trouble sleeping with paci/diaper because either the diaper gets too hot or the paci gives me mouth aches, I managed to stay asleep while using these items for longer than anticipated (12PM-5:40AM).

Surprisingly enough, I did not spend as much time acting out my little fantasy as I did just wearing the diapers, changing the diapers and wearing the clothing or drinking/sucking on the items that made me feel safe. I really wanted to act it out more, but due to time constraints I had little recourse, but to delay it for another time when I am back on Discord and someone is rearing to play with me.

Until Next Time,
Austin The Lionhearted

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