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Another dip in the piggy bank

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After getting my monthly check from the flea market, I cashed it at the bank and put some money into my debit card. Then got on EBay and ordered some things. The first item was two cases of diapers, well I only meant to order one but had some phone troubles and couldn't see that the order went through, so I bought another one and when I checked my purchases and saw that I ordered the same thing twice. I tried to cancel the order but they shipped them immediately after placing my order, and I decided not to return one of them because screw return shipping.

The second item is a 3 pack of plastic panties. I'm getting of the leaks and my pants/onesies feeling wet. The last item is a onesie by BigTots, it looks like a polo shirt when I have pants over it, So now I can wear my onesie in public without making people suspicious.

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