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Over the Hump on the Story (CH7), Conserving Diapers, Might Purchase Some Diapers at ABU's Black Friday sale!

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Hi all, just a quick update on what is going on with me,

First of all, I have finally made it over my writers block when writing the difficult part of Chapter 7 of "Kindergarten Wunderland." It took some doing, but I am finally able to finish that chapter. You should expect an update to the story in a few days.

Second of all, I finally was able to revisit my therapist for another talk. He was away on vacation for 1 week between these last two weeks.

Last of all, I have been calculating how best to use my diapers if I was to make them last until Christmas... I should use 2 a week if that is the case on one designated 'little' day.

Then I remembered that I could restock on Black Friday with some proper diapers. The ATNs are good for what you pay for, however the ABUs hold a lot more and are a lot cuter. I was thinking about buying a case of cloth backed Preschools and maybe a case of Kiddos too for night wearing. I really like the one tape diapers, but besides the SDKs (which I got the wrong size of btw when ordering a sample pack 2 years ago) I have not tried any others that have the two tapes....

Also I learned that my Baby Pants onesies' (I love these onesies for their feel against my skin and designs) fabric will wear out if I do not replace the plastic buttons with metal ones. Because of this, replacing the snappies on my onesies (16 of them: 4 for crotch, 4 for shoulder - times 2) will be my next project in addition to making the LittleForBig Pacis better by putting the teats in MAM paci shields so the pacis can deflate properly. Until I can get the right tools to replace the snappies on my onesies, I will not wash my onesies to prevent them from shrinking to fit me. I will play in them baggy and sweat soaked until then...

I will finally have an opportunity to get some MAM pacis at Meijer tomorrow when I go and help Mom with the shopping so there is no trouble with getting around to modding my pacis. I think I'll be going for one night version and one crystal version pack of pacis (with the standard MAM shield). I have read that the non-standard MAM shields, like the butterfly style, will not be easy to work with (because of more glue on the button) for modding purposes so I will try doing so with the standard MAM shield instead.

Until Next Time,
Austin The Lionhearted

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