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Wetting at Night

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your best bet is to not overdo it. meaning dont drink 2 liters of water and expect to fall asleep. what works best is start in the morning. drink water all day long say 1 bottle an hour. wear a diaper all day and use it whenever the need arises. change when you have to. then before bed go through your normal routine, use the bathroom completely and then change into a fresh diaper say 30min-1hr before you actually go to lay down in bed. once your in a fresh diaper have 1 bottle of water during that last 30 minutes to an hour before bed. and right before laying down drink 1 last bottle of water. then go to bed just like normal. if you wind up having to pee before you fall asleep its better to just let it go and then try to sleep. either you will wake-up in a wet diaper(potentially far wetter than you last remembered) or you will end up waking up at some point ready to burst in which case just let it out and soak up some good zzz's.
You are old enough to buy alcohol it will be able to make you sleep well and have a wet diaper not saying that you should do it cause it leads to more problems but if you want to go at night then use something that will make you pee alot and sleep through the night

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